29 June, 2007

Victory of sorts

Well, last night we had a victory, of sorts. We actually got the engine to turn over. I thought it had something to do with the seat belt. I think now it is to do with the after-market alarm switch that is in the car. I think I depressed the switch on the underneath of the steering column to get it started. I'll get Charles to try that out. ANyway, we had the car starting, and thought it was out of fuel. We left, and went to a convenience store that had diesel. COming back, the engine would not even turn over.

I also sprayed WD-40 on the piece that will need to come off for the windshield wiper assembly. I got an estimate yesterday of $700 for that assembly. The ball joint is not sold separately. I guess I'll try my hand at engineering a new fixture.

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