29 June, 2007

Victory is ours

She started, got out of the garage, and backed back in. She was smoky, and smelled like diesel. We did have to use some starter fluid. I think the trick was pushing the gear shift into park. That one let it turn over. It ran good, and got a lot of cobwebs out. We did get one of the back tires off, and replaced it with a wheel done at Discount Tire.
There's still some work to do on the doors, and some examination of lighting. The blowers for the AC worked. .

This is the underside of the windshield wiper. I think I can remove the ball headed bolt, and maybve get a snap ring underneath the fixture. I talked to another location today, and they wanted $89 for it. Stupid.

This was the engine well. Had the old shop vac in there, to get all of the glass out. It did well.

This dent in the hood needs bondo, like the bullet hole in the trunk.

This is the passenger door. Uugh. Needs lots of work.

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