10 June, 2007

The new blog

Please join my son and I as we begin our new adventure, in refurbishing a 1983 Mercedes 300SD Turbo. There's a lot we have to learn, and there will be a lot of frustration along the way. He has tentatively named it "Bonnie", in honor of the nurse Bonnie from "Pulp Fiction". We hope that we don't get hammered with any licensing fees, as, hey, we don't have a lot of money. All we can do is hope Quentin Tarantino will appreciate us respecting his artwork, and his inspiration. Other choices were, "Christine", which was heavily negged, and "Janice", after Janice Joplin. But, Bonnie seems to be the choice for now.
We found this car on Ebay, and picked it up in a field near Waller, TX. The tires are cut, the windshield is busted, but hey, we've got a clear title. Lots to do, and lots to buy.

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