25 June, 2007


Well, this past weekend we got tires. There was a birthday involved. Imagine receving tires for your birthday, but that's what was involved. One was mounted, and the others need to be done. Also got the R&R switch out. I don't know why it is called the R&R switch, but we got the steering wheel out, as well as the lower panel.

We also got the starter motor to turn over. I think we need a new ignition switch. I'll pull the old one out to see if it can be refurbished. I think I can find instructions.

Here's a few pictures.

This door has some repair work to be done. We've gotten the windshield out, and we have the Mercedes shop manual, which has come in handy. It is just scanned pages, but it is handier than the Haynes manual. I have not seen a Haynes manual for the 126 series Mercedes of that vintage. This door does not close properly. It did at first, but the door got bent back when pushing into the garage. We did get the oil changed this weekend. 8 quarts of 15W40, and a new air filter inthe turbocharger. Next is to troubleshoot the ignition switch.

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