14 June, 2007

Plans for tonight

We didn't get to do anything last night, as it was raining. Since it was raining, we couldn't open the garage. I also did not feel well after an entire day in a budget planning meeting at my day job. So, tonight we will crank it up and get it up on jack stands. This will help. The son is picking up other jobs here and there, and will be able to help with expenses. We did get a battery the other night, but we will need to get a battery tray. We're picking up a little momentum on parts locating. We're finding different stops for different items that we need. The most unbelievable part thus uncovered as far as expense is the right rear vent window. It costs as much if not more than the front windshield. Don’t know why. I guess we will get a little cardboard, and make a template, then put in some Plexiglas or laminated glass.

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