24 July, 2007

The work is coming at me fast

OK - the weekend was sort of a bust, but, I did get the radiator drain plug out. Once I drilled thru the plug, all sorts of nasty water came out. I literally stripped the head off the plastic plug - but I don't think I actually did it.

Several flushes with pure water yielded even more gunk out of the engine. Once the plug is in, we'll flush with some vinegar or mild citric flush material before fully operating. But, the engine needs to start. I can run for a minute or two with the radiator not full, and a plug of sorts in the bottom of the radiator. I wonder if I put Pig Putty in there if I would be able to get it out later - I may try.  It is fun.

Anyway, Bonnie is now up on the ramps in the garage, awaiting some parts. Those are:

  • Radiator drain plug - Vendor A
  • DIY DVD on AC Repair - Vendor A
  • Fuel Filter Kit - Vendor A
  • Automatic Transmission Bushing Kit - Vendor A
  • Air Cleaner Rubber Mounts - Vendor A
  • A/C Belt - Turbo - Vendor A
  • Thermo Vacuum Switch - Vendor A
  • Rubber Pieces for Thermo Vacuum Switch  - Vendor A
  • Right side mirror - Vendor B
  • Left door seat switch - Vendor B
  • Rear vent window glass - Vendor B
  • Ignition Switch - Vendor C
  • Hood Pad - Vendor C
  • Zebrawood 1/16" wood veneer - Vendor D
  • Veneer Tape - Vendor D

Other things I will need:

  • Windshield - found
  • Left driver door window motor - looking
  • Antenna motor/assembly - working over
  • Fix sprung door - found vendor

I pulled out the interior carpets, and the padding is abysmal. The back seat also had some wasp nests in it. I have pulled out the shifter panel, and it needs to be refinished. I'll strip that sucker, and redo. My son's video camera is sent for repair, so we'll have to upload from an analog camera. Old School, kind of like Paul Teutel, Sr.

I'll also fill in the vendor A - D later. I had a real nice talk with Rusty at www.buymbparts.com. Will give them a whole write - up as well.

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