18 July, 2007

Mixed results

Limited results - the radiator drain plug sheared. Now, we do need a new one.

These are the connections by the master cylinder

This is the vacuum actuator referred to as S47, out of the driver's side door. It does not look like it has a vacuum hose connection. There was also not a vacuum connection in the door panel. We'll try to get teh video camera to display.

Here once again is the infamous wiper assembly. I think we'll trim down the grommet, and weld/braze/solder a washer onto there. This should make it hold.

This we found near the transmission. I had seen it before, but wanted to get a picture before we knocked it off.

Here's the new right hand turn signal, courtesy of Clint at Rolling Hills Farms Collectibles, and his Ebay store.

Here is the insides of the antenna mechanism. Looks like a little corrosion has taken place.

The inside of the tachometer assembly.

The AC compressor - belt is totally off, and the compressor does not turn. I think the mystery electrical connection hooks up here.

Another look inside the powered antenna.

This is a side view of the shifter connection to the transmission. It is very loose. I also did not see the vacuum switch I was looking for, plus the limit switch interlocking the starter.
A punchlist will be constructed in the next couple of days. There's a boy anxious to drive. We did find a good price on a windshield, courtesy of a reference from the new Firestone dealer in Friendswood. We are also doing some wire brushing to clean up rust spots, as well as stabilizing rust in places. I will also have to pull the dash components.

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