30 July, 2007

Even More - it's getting close

More progress: Here's the rheostat dimmer switch for the instrument cluster. It has been cleaned and reinstalled.

Here is the speedometer. The needle has been repainted to be able to be seen.

Here, though, is my favorte accomplishment, or rather that of a neighbor who has a wire welder. I could not locate the grommet for the wiper mechanism. So, we took a #12 stainless steel washer, reamed it out, and welded it onto the cap. I cycled it for several minutes, and it has held. Now I need to clean out the cowling.

ANother shot of the wiper transmission. We also lubed the wiper shafts themselves.

TOday - title & registration, along with others. I've almost got the left panel off, so I can kill those dents.

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