24 July, 2007

More progress - slowly

Pictures of tonight's work

Here's the radiator drain plug, with the o-ring

Here's the Hirschmann antenna. I've printed out a diagram for parts, but this one may be best to send to Walter Odemer.

Front underneath the carpets on the driver's side - needs a youngster to clean out.

Ditto for the back seat area. I did find wasp nests underneath the back seat.

With a hood pad on the way, we need to get the crap off the hood. I used a citrus based stripper, non-flammable, a ZEP product. I've used it before to get stain off dors, paint off chairs, etc. It has done well in the past, and seems to have helped tremendously here.

Another shot, showing the dropcloth - Thanks Rusty!!!

While I had the stripper out I stripped the shifter console. Since I have veneer on the way, and this is pretty cracked, I may bookmatch and replace the veneer.

These don't really do it justice, I'll have to learn how to do good camera shots. A photographer I ain't.

What I don't have is a shot of the dent on the hood - I hammered it out. I think I finally have the hang of the hammer & dolly.

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