07 August, 2007

More Progress!!!

OK, more sweet progress - we're cooking now. First, we did the Lubri-Moly purge of the injectors.

Here's the temporary line hooked up to the inline fuel filter.

Here's the return line from the spin-on fuel filter.

I used a 2 liter Diet Coke bottle as the purge material container. This probably was not one of the uses considered by Del Meyer, the inventor of polyethylene terepthalate. But, it worked. For the 300SD, I used 4 feet of 1/4" hose. I cut it in half. If I did it over again, I'd used 2 1/2 feet for the feed, and 18 inches for the return.

Here is the fluid, shortly after starting turning a bright red. Shortly after this, the smoke from the exhaust cleared, and the engine purred.

Here we are near the end, showing a brilliant black, and also a side shot of the AC drier, something I need to soon replace.

A few minutes after the purge, I looked at the gauges. The tach was still not functioning, so I cleaned the contacts, then hit them with a little white lithium grease. The tach showed a smooth 750 rpm.

The fuel tank gauge worked nice, the oil pressure gauge indicated 4 bar (which I need to check), and the temperature showed 50 degrees C. THe most important thing, the gauges were working.

Also on the night's activities was the replacement of the air cleaner mounts. This got done as well.

An undershot.

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