14 August, 2007

The light at the end of the tunnel

OK - more progress. Last night, we got her out of the garage. The transmission bushing clips are installed. Charles had to take her around the block a couple of times, to get the radiator/cooling system flush to circulate. He got to drive her. He said it felt good. The speedometer works. We finally got her started by shorting across C105. Had to use a lot of starting fluid. It took quite some time, but I bled the fuel injection system. Finally got the priming pump to move, and the ends of the injectors cracked open. Tha 17mm wrench fits tight. Found out that we can pull her off just like a John Deere tractor. We drained the radiator, and got a lot more crap out. The water was red initially, so it may need some more flush. For this one, I think we'll use the Mercedes citrus flush. We got hte instrument cluster lights yesterday, along with the new flasher relay.

This morning, she left for the body shop. Hopefully, we can get the door closed soon.

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